How to Escape the Claws of the Grammar Police

How to Escape the Claws of the Grammar Police

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If superfluous commas, misplaced apostrophes (looking at you, it’s/its, they’re/their!), and sentence-ending prepositions make you flinch in horror, you’re in the right place. We take grammar seriously at The Daily Post; my fellow editors and I can often be found quibbling and nitpicking over tenses, modes, and — you guessed it — punctuation. Good writing, though, isn’t merely about adhering to rules. It’s also about knowing how and when to break them. Today, let’s talk about grammar — and the kinds of liberties you might consider taking with it.

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How Green Tea Can Benefit You

Green-TeaGreen tea is a natural remedy and it is beneficial for pain and many other medical problems. Many wonders are hidden in this herbal drink. These are just a few of the many benefits that come from green tea.
There are a plethora of ways to lose weight, including pills and chemicals. However, green tea can help with losing a few extra pounds. It aids with proper digestion, increases stamina and boosts endurance for those long workouts. It increases metabolism and increase fat oxidation; Fat oxidation is the body’s way of breaking down these large molecules of fat into smaller molecules that it can be used for energy. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood while also improving the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.
There are a multitude of medicines for when flu season comes around; however, it has been proven that green tea can help with getting over a cold. Green tea contains polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, which are unstable molecules that are the major cause of both aging and disease
“It boosts up my immune system, and it’s a great antioxidant,” said Ana La Salle, who has been drinking green tea regularly for 2 years now.
Green tea has also been shown to reduce depression, and stop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases proven by The American College Of Nutrition. The caffeine in the tea is a stimulant that can temporarily elevate mood; researchers believe another component in green tea- L-theanine- helps combat symptoms of depression. It also reduces the risks of certain types of cancers, such as esophageal and skin cancer.
“Our research shows that green tea leaves are rich in this anti-cancer compounds, with concentrations high enough to induce anti-cancer effects in the body,” said Dorothy Morre, professor of Foods and Nutrition at Purdue’s School of Consumer and Family Sciences. The findings suggest that drinking at least 4 cups of tea a day can provide enough of the active compound to slow and prevent the growth of cancer cells.
As helpful as it may be for curing a sickness, it works just as well for helping one’s appearance. Green tea can reduce and prevent acne, just by regularly drinking a cup of green tea a day. It also keeps the body hydrated from all the water being consumed. Green tea keeps teeth healthy and kills bacterium that causes dental plaque.
Most people notice that drinking green tea can delay the symptoms of aging; it can also reduce the risk of heart disease and attack. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that those who drank five cups of Green Tea per day were 33% less likely to develop a disability. In the long run, green tea is not only tasty but beneficial for the body, inside and out.



Along with every other music junkie, I was ecstatic to see all the line ups for all the upcoming music festivals. But as all other music junkies, I wished I had sufficient money to pay for all of them. Music makes culture, whether jazz or hip-hop or indie and house they all are different, for different societies and cultures.
Every festival has people, music, and different energies that are transmitted throughout. They are an experience that for some only comes once a year. As of now, line ups have been release for festivals like Firefly, Bonnaroo, Suburbia and plenty more.
From June 19th to the 22nd, Dover, Delaware will be filled with bands anywhere from The Lumineers to Arctic Monkeys. The general admission four day passes are about $259. It is on the pricy side, but it is well worth it for four days of all your favorite artists.
The Governors Ball music festival is more of a house music/Indie music festival. The festival takes place at Randall’s Island, NYC. The tickets are priced within a range of $250 to $530 for three day general admission or three day VIP admission. The festival will be from June 6th-8th and it will feature artists like Skrillex and Phoenix.
The Suburbia music festival will be held in Plano, TX from May 3rd to the 4th. It will feature music from artists like Alabama Shakes to David Guetta, and Hoodie Allen. The two day general admission is $99.50, and if you ask me, that is a very fair price for two days and more than forty artists.
And last but certainly not least, Bonnarro. This is a four day music festival in Manchester, TN. The tickets are $249 for the four days, general admission. The lineup ranges anywhere from Lionel Richie to Vampire Weekend, and Zedd. I’d say that this festival is very much worth what it is priced and it is for people with almost all tastes in music. It is very diverse and it really is a great experience.
There are plenty of other music festivals and concerts this year but these are just the few that stood out to me the most. Many music festivals are once a year but many of them happen all throughout the year.

Our National Parks Are Slowly Dying Away

national parksNational parks are one of the few things left in our society keeping endangered species from going extinct.
These national parks provide a safe home for native plants and animals. Without them a great portion of the animals and plant lives we have today would be extinct.
Parks also bring direct economic benefits to local, regional, state and national economies. This is because these parks have turned into tourist attractions, so that brings in money to the state and city. These economic benefits are a key enabler for communities to function and prosper, allowing them to create social cohesion, social capital and healthy communities.
National parks may seem like a waste of space, but in reality they allow life to flourish. They help keep the air and water clean without all the terrible pollution of the city life. Without them, our air would be twice as polluted and our water would be contaminated.
Our atmosphere is the way it is due to the natural filtering occurring in these patches of land around the world. Over the years these parks have become increasingly drier due to the demand of water resulting from the population growth.
Due to the population growth, people want to expand and build into the parks, which causes a big threat to our environment. This would leave us with very little area to let the plant and animal life evolve.
In all actuality, national parks help us live in our modern-day society; without them, we would have to adapt to horrible and polluted living conditions; there are 1,000 or so different plant and animal species that would die without these parks.
So at the end of it all, parks should certainly be protected and remain untouched.

Valentine’s Day Playlist

This article is not only for valentines day! It is full of great music over all (:

The Galleria of Maria

It’s nice having someone say that they love you. And it’s not because you make them happy, not because you make them feel special, not because you’re the sweetest person ever, but just because they love you. And they don’t need a reason for that.

If you are lucky enough to have someone to give your heart to, sometimes putting your feelings for that special someone into words is near impossible. But fear not! If expressing yourself is a challenge, you can let music speak for you. These are just a few songs that might warm your significant other’s heart, and for you lonely children out there, here are a few songs for you too:

The Cheesy Options:

1. Perfect Two by Auburn

2. You and I by Ingrid Michaelson

3. Everything You Do by He is We

4. Count On Me by Bruno Mars

The Serious Options:

5. Marry Me by Train

6. Hummingbird by…

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Dealing With Peer Pressure


Peer Pressure is possibly the toughest thing a teen can go through in high school. Although there is some good peer pressure, it normally doesn’t end well. The worst part being that sometimes, it’s our closest friend that pushes us to do these things that we know aren’t good. However, there are a bunch of ways to avoid peer pressure and not letting it get to you.
One way is to avoid hanging out with people who you know will get you into trouble. Like that one friend we all have that you know isn’t a good influence, but you still like to hang out with. So when you slowly start to distant yourself from them, you realize that your stress level and the amount of peer pressure you get decreases a lot. Also, ask yourself pretty common sense questions like, “is this legal?” “Could this harm me or anyone else?” and most importantly, “will this have an effect on my future?” These questions will be what determine what may or may not happen to you.
At some point, every person must stand alone, even when tempted by friends and other peers. You know what’s right. You know what’s wrong. And only you can decide which path to take. You can ask almost anyone that has done something not so good, they will tell you it was because of peer pressure.
A better way to get out of something is by lying, that is, if you just don’t want to lose a friend or make a bad impression. If you’re offered to smoke or anything along those lines, you can always say “no because I have asthma.” Or just be straight forward and say “no, because I don’t want to.”
Dealing with peer pressure may seem intimidating but it’s really not. You just have to know when to draw the line and stand for what you know is right. Plus, isn’t it better to go by in life worry free than to always be thinking about how that one night of “fun” may ruin your future? So live life with no regrets.