Dealing With Peer Pressure


Peer Pressure is possibly the toughest thing a teen can go through in high school. Although there is some good peer pressure, it normally doesn’t end well. The worst part being that sometimes, it’s our closest friend that pushes us to do these things that we know aren’t good. However, there are a bunch of ways to avoid peer pressure and not letting it get to you.
One way is to avoid hanging out with people who you know will get you into trouble. Like that one friend we all have that you know isn’t a good influence, but you still like to hang out with. So when you slowly start to distant yourself from them, you realize that your stress level and the amount of peer pressure you get decreases a lot. Also, ask yourself pretty common sense questions like, “is this legal?” “Could this harm me or anyone else?” and most importantly, “will this have an effect on my future?” These questions will be what determine what may or may not happen to you.
At some point, every person must stand alone, even when tempted by friends and other peers. You know what’s right. You know what’s wrong. And only you can decide which path to take. You can ask almost anyone that has done something not so good, they will tell you it was because of peer pressure.
A better way to get out of something is by lying, that is, if you just don’t want to lose a friend or make a bad impression. If you’re offered to smoke or anything along those lines, you can always say “no because I have asthma.” Or just be straight forward and say “no, because I don’t want to.”
Dealing with peer pressure may seem intimidating but it’s really not. You just have to know when to draw the line and stand for what you know is right. Plus, isn’t it better to go by in life worry free than to always be thinking about how that one night of “fun” may ruin your future? So live life with no regrets.


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