The Truth About Music

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The Galleria of Maria


Music is present in every aspect of life. It’s the sweet or sorrowful melodies that perfectly compliment a scene from your favorite movie. It’s that nameless, faceless voice that tells you it’s okay, that your struggles aren’t yours alone, that someone gets it. It’s the tune that makes your hips sway and your head bob and your foot tap. It’s what makes your heart race and the goose bumps crawl across your skin. It’s that shimmer of hope when everything goes dark.

Music speaks to and inspires different people. The thumping of the bass blasting over the speakers makes an EDM enthusiast pump their fists in the air. The easy sound of Ron Pope’s voice and his sweet lyrics can draw couples to one another the way gravity draws you down to earth. The slow, lazy beats of reggae can help someone relax and feel cheery. The beautiful arrangements and…

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