Freshman Year Survival Guide


Freshman year is both the most exciting year and the most terrifying year. You are entering the world of adulthood and new experiences. Even with all the excitement and fun, there are still a few things to keep in mind.

It is absolutely terrifying going from being the “big kids” in middle school to being the babies again. “I really am excited about going to highschool, but I’m really scared about how the transition will be,” said Sophia La Salle, an incoming Freshman. But it really Isn’t all that bad.

Instead of just staying in the sidelines and feeling like you have no one, remember, you aren’t alone. You are a part of a multitude of people who are on the same boat as you. Just talk to people, you may just find your very best friend along the way.

Make sure to join clubs. Clubs are the easiest way to meet people who share the same interests as you. You have just about anything from Japanese Culture Club to Key Club. However, if you aren’t interested in clubs, there are always sports you can join. Even though we don’t have sports here, you are always able to join the sports teams of your home school. That also helps you expand your circle of friends much farther.

Always remember, your teachers are always there to help you. Dont think that because a teacher is done with a lesson that they won’t go back to it. Your teachers are only interested in your bettering your future. Which leads me to: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you aren’t understanding, ASK! Chances are most other people are just as confused as you. However, if you don’t feel okay about asking in class, teachers tend to get to school early and stay after school for a while so ask then.

Don’t feel intimidated by upperclassmen. Of course you always see the stereotypical mean kids in movies and T.V shows, but its not like that at all. Upperclassmen are always ready to lend a hand because they were in your shoes at one point. Dont be afraid to just say hello and spark up a new friendship.

High school is nothing like in the movies. There is no “mean popular crowd,” popularity means nothing in highschool. You shouldnt have to try super hard in order for people to like you, you should go with the flow and you’ll meet people who have the same things in common as you. Last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN! High school is all about opening up and realizing who you want to be. Not only should you do your homework, but make sure to go out with friends and go to all the events. High school is certainly the most memorable time of your life. Enjoy every second of it and make the absolute best of it.



As few of you may know, I have been without a computer for the last 2 months or so leaving me pretty much unable to blog. I did have my ipad, however, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to type on aside from the fact that it would sign me out of safari every time I tried to upload a post.
But just a quick update, my summer has gone by so slow and wonderful. Living in

Miami is definitely a blessing and a punishment. A blessing because I live less than an hour away from any beach and there is a water park around any corner; a punishment because all the great things don’t seem to matter because it rains everyday. This definitely has to be the worst summer I’ve seen in Miami so far.

I kid you not, I have not gone to the beach nor the pool once this whole summer. There have been days where I plan for a fun day and my plans go right down the drain due to the rain- literally.

But despite all the rain and terrible weather I have managed to make the best of it. Between doing summer work and simply kicking back and reading a good book I have managed to find the time to relax and enjoy all that this summer has had to offer. I even went to sky zone for the first time (an indoor trampoline park), I reconnected with some really great old friends, and most importantly, I have bonded with my mom more than ever before. We have spent every single day together so far and its been fun.

I would love to post photos of all the amazing and fun things I’ve done, but in all honesty I either haven’t taken any or I just haven’t done many fun things. I think what matters most to me at this point is that I was able to just relax and enjoy the most of my long summer.

So far its been fantastic.