As few of you may know, I have been without a computer for the last 2 months or so leaving me pretty much unable to blog. I did have my ipad, however, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to type on aside from the fact that it would sign me out of safari every time I tried to upload a post.
But just a quick update, my summer has gone by so slow and wonderful. Living in

Miami is definitely a blessing and a punishment. A blessing because I live less than an hour away from any beach and there is a water park around any corner; a punishment because all the great things don’t seem to matter because it rains everyday. This definitely has to be the worst summer I’ve seen in Miami so far.

I kid you not, I have not gone to the beach nor the pool once this whole summer. There have been days where I plan for a fun day and my plans go right down the drain due to the rain- literally.

But despite all the rain and terrible weather I have managed to make the best of it. Between doing summer work and simply kicking back and reading a good book I have managed to find the time to relax and enjoy all that this summer has had to offer. I even went to sky zone for the first time (an indoor trampoline park), I reconnected with some really great old friends, and most importantly, I have bonded with my mom more than ever before. We have spent every single day together so far and its been fun.

I would love to post photos of all the amazing and fun things I’ve done, but in all honesty I either haven’t taken any or I just haven’t done many fun things. I think what matters most to me at this point is that I was able to just relax and enjoy the most of my long summer.

So far its been fantastic.


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