Night Of Scares

The nights are longer, the skies- cloudier. You can almost hear the sound of witches laughing while flying on their brooms; This can only mean one thing, its Halloween!

With that comes Harvest Fest, the biggest, most popular event of the school year. It’s the time of year when everyone in school gathers and has a blast together.

There are plenty of fun things to do at Harvest fest, anything from a haunted house, to racing robots with the engineers. Make a mental list and try to do as much as possible.

Harvest Fest has a plethora of things that you can do. First off, there are all the clubs that are selling food and drinks and snacks. Then there are all the little events like Key Club doing henna and NHS piing people in the face.

“My favorite part of Harvest Fest has to be the amount of fun and different thing that the clubs offer,” said Nomar Marquez, a sophomore in the Entrepreneurship academy.

This is a school dance; so don’t act the way you wouldn’t act in school. Don’t dance in a way you wouldn’t want your family or teachers to see; If you are seen dancing like that, you will be kicked out of the dance. Just jump around and dance, have a blast!

Remember, if you don’t have a date to Harvest Fest, there’s no problem! Going with a group of friends is a blast and it’s just as fun as, or even better than, going with a date.

What you wear at harvest fest does NOT define who you are, wear whatever you want! You don’t have to over dress, its not formal. However, you also don’t want to under dress.

Okay, well maybe not WHATEVER you want. Make sure to wear something school appropriate, you are still at school around teachers. Regardless of the fact that there isn’t a specific dress code, you should still try to keep it classy.

Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures! This is not an event you want to forget, especially if it’s your freshman year. This is one of those events that you’ll compare every year to the last. It’s a great way to see how you evolve and grow as an individual.

“The best part of Harvest Fest has to be the Music, it’s always so great. I love the experience itself; I love being able to spend time with my friends and have an amazing time,” said Nathaly Santos a junior in the Health academy.


HeforShe: Emma Watson’s moving speech

The World at Large

After watching Emma Watson, once known for her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, speak as part of the launch of the HeforShe Campaign I was left speechless.

The HeforShe Campaign is a UN initiative for gender equality which has aimed at getting men involved in stopping violence against women. Ms.Watson was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the UN Women six months ago, and has strongly advocated for involvement in the movement.

Watson is just one of several celebrities who have spoken out for the cause. However, it seems so wrong to refer to her as a “celebrity,” or an “actress.” Throughout her speech she reminded both women and men of the unfairness that females face in work, and society. She so eloquently reminded us of the true meaning behind being a feminist, scratching out the annoying, men-hating reputation it has received in popular culture.

She reminded us…

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River Through the Stars

River Through the Stars

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo by contributor Kyle Anderson, a man from Saskatchewan, Canada. Kyle is a 41-year-old health care professional who has battled depression and addiction for most of his life. He escapes by letting the camera become his mind’s eye, and hopes that each photo he takes allows others to see the world as he sees it, even for a split second.

About this photo: “I call this photograph, River Through the Stars. Sometimes you just have to look up.


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4 bodies found floating off Florida Coast.

Who: The bodies have not been identified yet and officials aren’t sure whether or not their immigrants at all. 
What: the bodies of two men were found by the shore of hollywood beach and later 2 more were found about 20 miles into the water. The condition of the bodies shows that they were in the water for a while.
When: Sunday August 24th.
Where: Hollywood Beach, FL.
I believe this is newsworthy because it of the fact that it was so close to home. Being in FL, we get plenty of immigrants from Cuba and Haiti, etc. but its not often that they turn up dead so close to our beaches. I personally believe that this has gotten so much attention for the fact that it is not certain if they were migrants or not. Officials have not yet been able to determine who they are nor have they found any other evidence that they were migrating. 
Also, from what officials say, the bodies had to have been out there for more than just a few days in order to show the kind of damage they did. Plus, had they been out there on a raft, boat, stranded, etc. coast guards would have most likely been able to see them at some point. Which brings up the discussion on whether or not they were there accidentally. And when I say accidentally I mean if someone actually left them there. This is what some conspiracy theorists online are saying on the matter at hand, its certainly a possibility.