Summer Blockbusters! By Christian Steiner

The Harbinger

Three Marvel movies, two reboots, and two sequels highlight this contradicting summer of original unoriginal films. The beauty of this summer’s lies in the writers taking a premise that isn’t completely original and making it their own in the way it is executed (see Edge of Tomorrow.)

Comic-Book Galore:

Captain America 2 the Winter Soldier- Finally a film that brings life and energy to Marvel phase two. Easily one of the best Marvel movies (and summer movies) we’ve seen since the Avengers. 9/10

The Amazing Spider-Man 2- Not as good as the original Spider-Man sequel but still a fine movie. An overabundance of underdeveloped characters is the film’s greatest flaw, but the superb acting and special effects bring the film back up a couple of notches. 7/10

X-Men Days of Future Past- The smartest superhero franchise returns in what its best outing yet. Bryan Singer’s and Matthew Vaughn’s worlds collide…

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