To My Baby, I Love You

This past week has taken quite a toll on my family. Last Tuesday, Pooh bear, passed away due to a pre existing heart condition. For me, personally, this part week has been full of tears, depression, regrets and reminiscing.  Losing a loved one is always difficult, but I think that when you lose a pet, its like losing a child.

Pooh Bear was four years old when he died last Tuesday. I think the hardest part about this has been the fact that he passed away 16 years too soon. I mean, cats usually live 16 to 20 years, and for him to have only lived four years was unfair. There is obviously a lot I can say about him; I can express my love and gratitude for having in my life at all. However, as a write this I get teary eyes and my heart drops to my stomach and I get a lump in my throat. So the only thing I can say now is that I am thankful for all the years I was able to spend with him and all the love that we gave each other.

I love you, my little baby. You will remain in all our thoughts and hearts forever.


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