Your Voice DOES Matter!

Despite the common belief that your voice is underestimated just because you’re a teenager, it is important to know that your voice does matter; you just have to be willing to let it be heard.

Recently I was pushed into a corner in which I had to contact the district head of food and nutrition; I believed I was going to get pushed into the “unimportant” folder in her computer. However, that wasn’t the case, I was treated as an adult and thing are now getting done.

As a student, you should never underestimate your voice. It is hard to believe, but our voice is the one that matters most in this era. We are often blown off because “we’re too young” or “we wouldn’t understand,” but in 15 or 20 years, it’ll be us getting things done.

There is a reason that President Obama is going out of his way to reach out to the youth and there is a reason why governors and politicians are going out of their way to make US happy! Its because in just a few its going to be US filling out presidential ballots and looking at who has been interested in US.

Take a stance and Make Your Voice Be Heard.


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