Meninism: Is It A Growing Trend?

Meninism is a trend that came into effect late 2015 through twitter. It started off as a joke and continues to be one; however, it is a trend that can very quickly become a serious topic.

We live in a society where you either support feminism or you don’t, you either want equality or you don’t. This leads to the topic of equality for men as well. That may sound absolutely crazy because men seem to get everything but in reality, there are a lot of scenarios in which women do have the upper hand.

For example, in divorce, women always get the child because they are seen as the motherly figure. Or in the case of domestic abuse, if a man hits a woman he gets arrested but if a woman hits a man she’s strong and independent.

“I believe men and women should be equal under the rights of the law, and that’s it,” said John Moffi, a history teacher at Miami Lakes Educational Center.

This new “revolution” began through twitter with the hash tag #MeninstTwitter with the tweet “I need Meninism because the movie “Magic Mike” promotes an unrealistic expectation of how men’s bodies should look.”

The thing about it that taking people by surprise is that they can’t determine if it could be the beginning of a serious men’s movement, or just another parody. However, what some people don’t know is that this trend wasn’t born ON twitter, but started by as an attempt to call attention to the standards men are also judged by.

It became a joke when men thought it wouldn’t grow and started tearing the movement. The controversial aspect of it is that men continue to complain through social media that society still holds them to such high standards despite the fact that they were the ones who killed the movement.

Now, in recent times the movement has piggybacked onto more recent hash tags like “#womenagaintfeminism” that is meant to show a woman’s lack of support for equality. This led to the new twitter “@meninisttwitter” that puts up photos of men with signs that have “complaints” written on them.

Its being treated as a joke, but it can very quickly become some thing more. If feminists join these meninist it can create a movement that can really cause a great impact on our society.


One thought on “Meninism: Is It A Growing Trend?

  1. A big problem is that a lot of peole who try to promotoe men’s issues just unleash attacks on feminism. It’s not like high standards for men exist because of feminism. They were here a long time ago. Feminism’s premise doesn’t negate men’s liberation. It’s just that most criticism of feminism I see is just over-emotional, “look at all those crazy ladies I can’t bother to find a citation for”.

    I hope a more rational men’s liberation movement will spring up, one that will be more concerned with men’s issues than just dissing feminism because you suck at dating.

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