Make It Or Break It: Spring Break

parasailing-south-beach-florida-2Everyone’s been in the position where plans get canceled and it feels like there’s absolutely nothing else to do. However, living in Miami, there are tons of things to do when it comes to last minute plans.

The first option is always the easiest: the beach. Living in Miami, it is never more than 30 minutes away and there are so many activities to do. From swimming to parasailing, the list of things to do almost seems endless.

Most beaches here rent out Jet Ski’s: even thought they are a bit on the pricy side ($100+) it is worth it. There are island tours that show dolphin migrations as well as just private riding sessions.

That’s not all you can do at the beach, parasailing is also a very popular option. Most times you do have to book a session, however, if the call is made early in the day they may be able to schedule one for cheaper than usual (normally $75, early $65.) This activity is for the fun loving fearless people who don’t mind being 30 stories off the ground at fast speeds.

Now, don’t think that the only things to do at the beach are expensive. There are dozens of things to do that are free or cheap. For starters, beach volleyball is great to play with a large group of friends, or a nice bike ride through ocean drive or Hollywood boulevard.

Renting bikes or roller skates at Hollywood beach are also a great option. These rentals usually go for at least $10 an hour (depending on the kind of bike you get.) It doesn’t end there; there are also family cruisers and banana bike rentals.

Mini vacations are always the perfect option for someone who has some money saved up for a nice trip. There are dozens of hotels along the east coast of Miami; renting out a hotel room with a friend for a couple of nights is a great way to spend the break.

Most hotels offer spa treatments and have direct access to the beach. However, even if that is out of the budget, just staying in the hotel with friends is a blast.

Staying within the city doesn’t have to be the only option. There are amazing attraction spots fewer than four hours both north and south of here. Just 4 hours south is the keys with beautiful beaches and nice hotels. Being that the keys are more of a 21 and older spot, Orlando is the perfect place to go outside of Miami.

Being a Florida resident, amusement park prices are cheaper, thus, making it more accessible. All parts of doing this are fun, from the road trip there to the time spent in the parks.

The priciest of the last minute activities is of course, a cruise. Having the port in the city, there are constantly cruise ships heading out. Most ships have two-day trips for very low prices with everything included. However, seeing as it is last minute, there will obviously be lots of people (but that just adds to the fun.)

Canceled plans don’t always have to be a bummer; there are hundreds of things to do whether it is alone or with a group of people. There is no excuse now for staying home without plans during the last fun week before testing begin.


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