Animal Culture


As a vegan, seeing this terrifies me and makes me glad at the same time.

To see the names and faces of cows that were probably bred for high milk production so that people can have cheese just angers me as a vegan. Every time someone purchases milk or cheese, you are supporting the dairy industry (which is a horrible industry by the way). Cows are intensively confined and continually impregnated with little concern for their well-being. Baby cows or calves are taken away from their mothers, usually within hours of birth so that we can have the mothers’ milk. Male calves are used for veal.

I never ate cheese or drink milk due to my lactose intolerance but the thought of 9.3 million cows used for milk production disgusts me as a human being.

On the other hand, people don’t associate with what’s on their plate to a living…

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