High As A Kite Under Florida Skies

Over the past few years, the legalization of marijuana has been a primary topic of conversation amongst families in the U.S. Particularly in Florida over the last year and a half. The legalization of the substance can have as many benefits as it can disadvantages for the state’s economic and social standing.

Economically, the state would benefit a great amount due to the tax. The growers, sellers, and producers would be taxed about $50-per-ounce; in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, they have made an estimated $76 million in taxes.

However, the real problem lies in what can be done with the money. “It could be extremely beneficial, but I’m skeptical about what the legislators will do with that money,” said Ms. Whitby, an MLEC economics and government teacher. “The right people won’t benefit from the revenue.”

Despite the belief that marijuana is very popular, and it is, a survey done by Pew Research Center said that 62% of Americans would be bothered if people did their smoking in public even if marijuana were legal.

“I feel like it’s not necessary, people are only going to abuse it further,” said Nicole Sandoval, a junior in the Health Academy.

This is similar to how people see the consumption of cigarettes, most people aren’t bothered by others smoking them, unless they’re doing it near them. “Recreationally, i feel like marijuana is just as dangerous an alcohol, or cigarettes,” said Mr. Moffi, an MLEC U.S History teacher.

Being a controversial issue, it’s something that will continue being questioned and discussed in upcoming state and presidential elections.


The FSA: The Student Perspective

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By Nathalie Mairena

Florida Standards Assessment testing was sprung a week before they were scheduled to begin. Tests were completed earlier this year, with few practice tests available and even fewer chances to get students prepared for the FSA. Now, with multiple technical issues, students and teachers alike are voicing their concerns- and dislike- for this new exam.

Florida was one of the few states that decided to make their own test instead of following the new Common Core, naming their new curriculum the Florida Standard. The FSA was commissioned by Education Department of Florida to AIR, the American Institute of Research.

For a whopping 200 million dollars, officials said that the test was able to evaluate teacher and their abilities in the classroom. The FSA is one of the first exams fully intended for the computer. The state chose to field test the new FSA in Utah, a state…

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Animal Rescue Stories: Bear


Since my internship is ending in one week, I have decided to post an animal story per day. Today I am starting with Bear.

When Los Angeles-area animal control agents found Bear in an abandoned barn, the tiny newborn lamb’s umbilical cord was still attached and had not been cleaned. Her mother was nowhere in sight, nor were any other sheep. Bear may have been left behind when the flock was moved to a new location. At the most vulnerable time of her life, this little girl was completely alone.

Fortunately, the agents knew to contact Alicia Pell, a volunteer rescuer who has played a pivotal role in a number of our Southern California Shelter rescues. Alicia called Farm Sanctuaryimmediately and then rushed Bear to our veterinarian’s office. When Bear arrived, she was dehydrated and limp. She had not nursed from her mother, so medical attention was imperative. The clinic…

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Michelle Romero: A Life Well Lived

The Harbinger

By Nathalie Mairena

Michelle Romero was passionate. She immersed herself entirely into every minute of every day, squeezing out every second of life, relishing in her great loves: family and her pursuit of career.  She took every moment — good and bad — and lived through them, dreaming of a happily ever after.

‘Passivity’ was not in Michelle’s vocabulary.  She was feisty, spunky, a fiery presence. If life gave her lemons, she threw them back at him, demanding a refund. Then she’d come back with a new business plan that’d get them sold for sure.

An alum of MLEC, Michelle was a prominent member of the Entrepreneurship strand. She helped bring back the DECA fashion show to its current glory and helped form the Credit Union. One of the last students to meet and learn from the late Michael Bevilacqua, a dedicated Entrepreneurship teacher, Michelle was the embodiment of an…

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Animal Culture


As a vegan, seeing this terrifies me and makes me glad at the same time.

To see the names and faces of cows that were probably bred for high milk production so that people can have cheese just angers me as a vegan. Every time someone purchases milk or cheese, you are supporting the dairy industry (which is a horrible industry by the way). Cows are intensively confined and continually impregnated with little concern for their well-being. Baby cows or calves are taken away from their mothers, usually within hours of birth so that we can have the mothers’ milk. Male calves are used for veal.

I never ate cheese or drink milk due to my lactose intolerance but the thought of 9.3 million cows used for milk production disgusts me as a human being.

On the other hand, people don’t associate with what’s on their plate to a living…

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Doomie’s Home Cookin’


Hey guys! This blog post is gonna be my first restaurant review.


Doomie’s Home Cookin’ is located on Vine Street in Los Angeles. I can definitely say this one of the best vegan restaurants that I have eaten in a while. From the appetizers to the main dish to dessert, everything is VEGAN 😀

There were so many good things on the menu that I actually had trouble choosing what I wanted to eat and that doesn’t happen very often as I would like! Anyways, I ended up eating the Classic Burger with vegan cheese and vegan bacon. YEP VEGAN BACON. My roommate and I split the Buffalo Legs appetizer with vegan ranch sauce and it was pretty good. The thing about me with vegan food is that if it tastes extremely good, I question if it’s even vegan or not. I guess that’s how long I haven’t eaten meat lol

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