High As A Kite Under Florida Skies

Over the past few years, the legalization of marijuana has been a primary topic of conversation amongst families in the U.S. Particularly in Florida over the last year and a half. The legalization of the substance can have as many benefits as it can disadvantages for the state’s economic and social standing.

Economically, the state would benefit a great amount due to the tax. The growers, sellers, and producers would be taxed about $50-per-ounce; in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, they have made an estimated $76 million in taxes.

However, the real problem lies in what can be done with the money. “It could be extremely beneficial, but I’m skeptical about what the legislators will do with that money,” said Ms. Whitby, an MLEC economics and government teacher. “The right people won’t benefit from the revenue.”

Despite the belief that marijuana is very popular, and it is, a survey done by Pew Research Center said that 62% of Americans would be bothered if people did their smoking in public even if marijuana were legal.

“I feel like it’s not necessary, people are only going to abuse it further,” said Nicole Sandoval, a junior in the Health Academy.

This is similar to how people see the consumption of cigarettes, most people aren’t bothered by others smoking them, unless they’re doing it near them. “Recreationally, i feel like marijuana is just as dangerous an alcohol, or cigarettes,” said Mr. Moffi, an MLEC U.S History teacher.

Being a controversial issue, it’s something that will continue being questioned and discussed in upcoming state and presidential elections.


A Controversial School System

It has recently been brought to my attention that some schools in my district have a type of punishment called CSI (a rowdy classroom filled with students who came to school late, disrespected the teacher, etc.) However, what I was most shocked by was the fact that most of the students that are sent into that room were there due to getting to school late.

I was just speaking to a friend of mine who goes to American Senior High school and he was telling me how he was sent to CSI for being tardy to school. Now, I understand if a teacher wants to reprimand their student for being late; for example, my english teacher will give a student who is late an F for the day, but still wants them to be productive and participate in class. However, in my friends case, he has been sitting in this room for the past hour and a half for being two minutes late without any learning stimuli around him.

Now, I’m not saying that this CSI thing is a completely bad idea, if a student is disrupting the learning environment then yeah, they should be sent. But if the student bothered to get to class despite being late, they should be given the opportunity to participate in the class activity. Adding to that, it seems ridiculous to me that if the student is late, they are sent to this room, but if the student doesn’t show up at all they are reprimanded anyway. This would reduce any students strive to even try in school.

Even more than that, seeing as its the end of the year and EOC, AP, and AICE exams are around the corner, teachers should be even more encouraged to keep their students in the classroom preparing for these tests. Too, I understand that teachers want their students in class by 7:20, but in all honesty, how many teachers actually begin lecturing and working at exactly that time.

There are certain punishments that should be given based on the type of trouble the student cause, not every student should be given the same punishment. Teachers are in school to teach and students are there to learn, if both show up (despite bing late) then they should both be given the opportunity to do their job.