The Dreadful Summer Work

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, and what no one looks forward to, work. Even though everyone procrastinates work until two weeks before it’s due, some work has to be kept up with. Whether it is FLVS, blogs, or APUSH work, they all have one thing in common- constant deadlines.
Everyone dreads having to take an online summer class and having to force themselves out of bed to get it all done. “With two online classes and summer work for another, my summer is going to feel like an absolute hell” said Kimberly Jean, a Cambridge junior. However, it doesn’t have to be all that stressful.
“I just separate the work into three different days, one day I study AP chemistry, then Spanish, and then physics” said Jean, “Its three days of pure stress but then four days of relaxation.”  Not all people have the same approach though, some people just let it pile up and do it all the day its due and stress even worse.
FLVS isn’t the only work students deal with throughout the summer, there are AP and honors classes as well. Among the given, there are plenty of other ways to deal with it all. One of which is to do it after everyone is asleep, this helps prevent all the common distractions like texts and phone calls.
Setting short term goal is something useful in the long run. For example, if there are 5 assignments due by midnight, set 5 different deadlines up until then. Give each assignment an hour or so instead of trying to do it all at once.
Something everyone hates doing may just be the best way to get things done, turn off everything. Removing yourself from all social media and human contact is difficult but it gets things done. There isn’t the constant distraction of checking your phone and checking Twitter and Facebook, you just focus.
Push yourself. Don’t let laziness and distractions get the best of you. Fight through it and do it even when you least want to. It’s going to be beneficial in the long run instead of just letting it pile up.
“This work isn’t just to waste their time. The students are going to have to do it either during the summer or when they come back in August,” said John C. Moffi, a US history teacher. “I don’t give busy work. I give them work that’s going to help them succeed; Even if it is too much.”
Don’t make your summer all about the work. Take a break. Do constant work for a few weeks and then just take a week off. There is no reason to kill yourself over work that doesn’t have to be completed during the first week of summer. Enjoy the summer, relax and sleep but still keep up with your classes.