The FSA: The Student Perspective

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By Nathalie Mairena

Florida Standards Assessment testing was sprung a week before they were scheduled to begin. Tests were completed earlier this year, with few practice tests available and even fewer chances to get students prepared for the FSA. Now, with multiple technical issues, students and teachers alike are voicing their concerns- and dislike- for this new exam.

Florida was one of the few states that decided to make their own test instead of following the new Common Core, naming their new curriculum the Florida Standard. The FSA was commissioned by Education Department of Florida to AIR, the American Institute of Research.

For a whopping 200 million dollars, officials said that the test was able to evaluate teacher and their abilities in the classroom. The FSA is one of the first exams fully intended for the computer. The state chose to field test the new FSA in Utah, a state…

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Michelle Romero: A Life Well Lived

The Harbinger

By Nathalie Mairena

Michelle Romero was passionate. She immersed herself entirely into every minute of every day, squeezing out every second of life, relishing in her great loves: family and her pursuit of career.  She took every moment — good and bad — and lived through them, dreaming of a happily ever after.

‘Passivity’ was not in Michelle’s vocabulary.  She was feisty, spunky, a fiery presence. If life gave her lemons, she threw them back at him, demanding a refund. Then she’d come back with a new business plan that’d get them sold for sure.

An alum of MLEC, Michelle was a prominent member of the Entrepreneurship strand. She helped bring back the DECA fashion show to its current glory and helped form the Credit Union. One of the last students to meet and learn from the late Michael Bevilacqua, a dedicated Entrepreneurship teacher, Michelle was the embodiment of an…

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2016 Junior Ring Ceremony

The Harbinger

By Daniela Morales

That time of the year came again. Seniors have been dethroned as the upcoming class received their rings officiating them as upperclassmen and the head of the school. The juniors couldn’t be more thrilled to take over.

The night started off as parents piled into the school gym to watch their children cross this stepping-stone. Ticket by ticket, seat by seat, the bleachers were packed long before the ceremony started.

Three arches lined with purple and gold balloons decorated the main stage while a black carpet curled around it where the students would soon parade their stunning dresses and dashing suit and ties.

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